ADL's Cruise Ship
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Where Southern Club Penguin Sea (Docked near the Igloo Village)
Opened N/A
Closed N/A
Mini-Games N/A
Owner ADL
ADL's Description
Welcome to my home. Now please, get out.

ADL's Cruise Ship is the place of residency for ADL, Saruman, and Quack Quack. Company is not usually welcome on the cruise ship.


ADL bought his cruise ship from a boat vendor in Club Ducky. Before moving to Club Penguin, ADL used the ship as transportation around the ocean. When he moved to Club Penguin, ADL started using his cruise ship as his home, and lives there with his nephew, and duckle.

The cruise ship has left Club Penguin several times after ADL moved to Club Penguin. The most notable time was when Perry the Pizza Guy snuck aboard the ship as a chef, and tried to kill people with pepperoni. After his defeat, the PSA related on the ship.

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