Adventure Party 2014
PSA Badge

Members only No
When September 1-30 2014
Free Item(s) Jay's Forest Giveaway, Charlie's Hunting Giveaway, Kris' Adventure Giveaway, Unnamed Paige Giveaway, Mystery Background
Where On the wiki/Flippr/Club Penguin hangouts
Mascot(s) Jay, Charlie, Kris, Paige, Sasquatch

The Adventure Party is a party that takes place in the wilderness in September 2014.


On August 10, 2014, Paige went missing while looking for a new puffle species. She sent Jay a message and a picture of something in the wilderness. Meanwhile, a Sasquatch-like creature mysteriously started appearing around Club Penguin. The agents can look for the Sasquatch and Paige.


Image Item Type Cost Where Found
N/A Jay's Forest Giveaway Background Free Meeting Jay
N/A Charlie's Hunting Giveaway Background Free Meeting Charlie
Kris Adventure Giveaway Kris' Adventure Giveaway Background Free Meeting Kris
N/A Unnamed Paige Giveaway Background Free Meeting Paige
MysteryBackground Mystery Background Background Free Meeting the sasquatch


  • This is the Sasquatch's first appearance, Jay's fifth, Paige's third, Charlie's fourth, and Kris' sixth.


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