Agent 380
Agent 380

Age  ?
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position RPF Agent
Friends Mostly everyone
Enemies Puffles
Favorites  ?
Related To Dot*
Romance Interest N/A
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Agent 380, aka Comma, is a mysterious agent that left the PSA to join the RPF.


The only reason the the Director let Agent 380 join was because Dot insisted on him becoming a part of the agency. It has been rumored that 380 is Dot's older brother. This rumor can be proved by how they both wear disguises a lot. However when Dot is questioned about this topic, she only smiles and says, "It's a possiblity." It has been revealed that 380 killed Puffles' girlfriend while they were agents of SIPL. 380 quit the group, and soon after, the agency disbanded.


Agent 380 is very secretive about what he does. He rarely ever went on missions for the PSA, or rarely ever does for the RPF. This is to help him prepare to be a "lone wolf." 380 is also very formal, with him dressing nicely, even when he is off mission.


  • "Do NOT let the target escape!"
  • "Suits are what I prefer to wear. Problem?"
  • "There's only one strategy: Silent and like a fart."
  • "Ugh it's that dimwit again..." -Refering to Puffles.


  • Agent 380 visits various yellow puffles to get them to design his newest costumes.
  • Both he and Dot, who is thought to be his sister, are named after punctuation.
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