Agent Casablancker
400px-Mariocart25 Submission Casablancker.png

Age 17
Gender Male
Sexuality ?
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent,
Friends Everyone
Enemies Herbert, Tusk,
Favorites ?
Related To Pixie, Puffles
Romance Interest Thinkbell
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Agent Casablancker is an agent of the PSA.


Casablancker was a normal resident on Club Penguin. Whenever the EPF needed him, he was there to help but, he started getting bored. Later on he decided to retire from the EPF. He missed his old days in the PSA. Many months later he had heard of the new Pixie's Secret Agency. When he heard about it, he wanted to join, but every status was occupied. One day in which when the crisis of the missing puffles had began without permission he saw that the PSA Agents needed help he assisted them. Later that day the PSA found out about him and needed to erase his memory but Puffles convinced the PSA to let him in, and to his surprise, they asked if he wanted to join. With pleasure, he said yes. Now he tries to help Gary and Pixie with their creations.

Thinkbell used to be a criminal. One day, Casablanker was sent on a mission to get back coins that we're stolen by Herbert. During his mission he met a beautiful penguin. Sadly, she was the apprentice of Herbert. Casablanker had no option, except to turn her in, but he didn't. He helped her escape and showed her the way of good. 1 month later they confided how we felt about each other. Since that day we were together.


Casablancker has several abilities, including:


  • Agent Casablancker was almost killed in a mission trying to end Herbert, but thanks to Puffles he was rescued. Fortunately, he had long sleeves so that day, when he was about to fall into the Volcano, Puffles pulled him out by his sleeve.


  • "Sometimes I wonder how did I get into this." -Casa worried about his mission.
  • "One day I will become the best agent there ever is and was I promise." -Casa in victory of a mission.
  • "Sometimes Thinkbell is a real pain in the neck." -Casa after having a fight with Thinkbell.
  • "LAMBURJACK!" -Casa's special word when it gets quiet.


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