No time for fun anymore, it's simply business now.
— Agent Eagles
Agent Eagles
Eaglesrule8 design

Age 23 years
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA agent,
EPF agent,
Pizza Chef,
Barista Boy,
Food Vendor,
Igloo Decorator
Friends PSA
Enemies PSA enemies
Favorites Inventing, pie,
Related To Cadence*


Romance Interest Cadence*
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Evan Peters

Eaglesrule8 (or Eagles) is a PSA agent. He is married to Megg, and the ex-husband of Cadence. Not many of his abilities are known, except that he is an inventor and has super powers he does not yet know how to control.[1]


He is kind and caring. He always wants to help others, but when the accident happened, he became distant and depressed. Nobody has seen him in a while, and it is worrying Raven.


Eagles is a PSA agent and the twin brother of Raven. He is slightly older due to an invention he created at age 10. This machine aged him three years older, making him look older than he is. He joined the PSA when The Director approached him and informed him of it. He absolutely loves his job. He has super powers that he has not completely learned how to control yet and is a super genius. He is one of the smartest penguins in the world.


  • He likes both pie and cake.
  • He is the Unknown Band Member.
  • He is Agent Blue Jay's great nephew.
  • He accidentally made an evil clone of everyone at the PSA when trying to make a super penguin.


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