Agent Greatferaligatr551
Custom Penguin by Lord.png

Age 21
Gender Female
Sexuality Homosexual
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent
Friends Anyone who
meets her
Enemies Anyone who
doesn't like her
Favorites Fashion Festivals,
Related To N/A
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form N/A
Portrayed By N/A

Agent Greatferaligatr551, or just Greatferaligatr, is an agent of the PSA.

She's homosexual, and tries to look for girls outside of the PSA, but they always ignore her.


Greatferaligatr is shy and unpopular. Not a lot of people know her. She will only talk to those she knows, like Phineas and Amanda. She is not very smart, having a low IQ score.


Greatferaligatr has been bullied due to her low IQ. She disliked the bullies. She rarely spoke to anyone. When she joined the PSA, she will talk to the agents, but is still very shy.


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