You aren't a real gamer if you haven't completed Astro Barrier.
— Helmet
Jim "Helmet" Baker
Helmetpig2013 design

Age 30
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA Assistant
and agent
Friends The PSA
Enemies Herbert, Tusk,
Favorites Paige, donuts,
his hat
Related To Paige*, Darwin*,
Charlie*, Halo*
Romance Interest Paige
Status Alive
Alternate Form Not Helmet
Portrayed By Aaron Paul*

Agent Jim "Helmet" Baker is one of the founding members at the PSA who helps Pixie, as well as the other agents, and is also the assistant commander. He is married to Paige, and the father of their child, Darwin. He is also the adoptive father of Charlie, and the owner of Pluffy.


Helmet loves donuts as much as he loves his wife. He thinks jet packs are cool, and wears one most of the time, like Jet Pack Guy. He absolutely hates Cadence, to the point where he is actually immune to anything that would force him to like her, and has classified her as an unnamed species without a gender.


Helmet was one of the founding agents of the PSA. He fell in love with Paige, and together, they had one pookie, and adopted two more. Prior to The Gary Takeover, Gary tested his cloning machine on him, and created Not Helmet.

Not HelmetEdit

Not Helmet

Not Helmet

Not Helmet is an evil clone of Helmet who likes all the things Helmet hates, and hates all the things Helmet likes. He was created when Gary was testing a cloning machine on Helmet.


  • His name is Jim, but due to his skull being as durable as a helmet, he prefers to be called Helmet.
  • Valencia has a huge crush on him, and he is afraid of her since she chased him for a mile once.


  • "Herbert you fatzo! Quit bothering the PSA!"
  • "WEEEEEESH" - a greeting, goodbye, or a random outburst


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