Lego Here
Lego here merry Xmas

Age 18
Gender Referred to as Male
Species Robot
Position PSA Agent
Friends The PSA
Enemies Ninjas, Herbert
Favorites N/A
Related To N/A
Romance Interest Melody
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Lego Here is a robot built by Herbert P. Bear but works for The PSA.


Lego Here is a rebellious robot, who turned on his creator to joint the PSA. Because of this, he'll sometimes act evilly because that was the way he was programmed. He has trouble choosing what to wear, and he determines a pufffle's gender by its color. This has made him mistake the gender of his rainbow puffle as a male, when in reality, it's a female. Lego can also be lazy, and forgets to take care of his pets properly, normally leading to them running away. One of his favorite things to do is mess with Helmet.


Agent LH has the ability to fly and read minds. He also has x-ray vision, allowing him to look through things that he normally wouldn't be able to.


  • He said that if he was not a PSA agent then he would be working at the night club as a half-time DJ.


  • "NEVER TAKE OFF A SNOW LAUNCHER!" his saying he says to much
  • "Cake is a lie; Pie is the truth." Whenever someone says "CAKE IS THE BEST"
  • "One day, I'll marry her [Melody]."
  • "Ninjas..WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE NINJAS?" Him when fighting ninjas
  • "OMG IM DEAD!! Wait i'm not dead *starts singing 'i'm not dead'" Him when he thinks he is dead.
  • "I HATE YOU!" Him when he meets someone new
  • "i just don't hate you I HATE EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD!!" him after the girl/guy he just met says "Why do you hate me?"


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