Did you say party? Clearly you didn't cause if you did, Locy would be half way to your house by now.
— About Locy
Agent Locy
Locy's Request copy2

Age 16 years
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position PSA Agent,
Founding Member
Friends The PSA
Enemies Popcorn Guy,
Herbert, RPF,
Favorites Parties,
playing guitar
Related To Lucy, Dian,
Lilly, Lucidia
Romance Interest Chad*
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Agent Locy Hegland is a PSA agent that is very, very spunky and a bit tomboyish. She loves parties and having fun, and also enjoys playing electric guitar. She is one of the six founding members. She is the cousin of Dian, and the step-sister of Lucy. Her best friend is Sophie, who Locy has yet to tell about the agency for both of their safety.


Locy is a strong, outgoing agent in PSA, due to her training under Cadence, instead of Sensei, who she found boring to train under. She tries to be nice, thinks that anything anyone says to her is cool. Despite this, she absolutely hates preps, because they are often mean to her, and others. The only reason she hasn't created her own secret agency is because she focuses her time creating videos for her YouTube channel.


Lucy and Locy grew up together for most of their lives. However Lucy wanted to explore beyond Club Penguin therefore separating them. During this time, Locy befriended Sophie. When the island blackout came along, Locy discovered that the EPF HQ was on fire. She decided to go in (real logical Locy) and found out what happened. She then ended up saving the island and rescuing the EPF. Since then, she found that she wanted to be an agent. She joined the PSA and introduced Lucy to it. Shortly after, Lucy came back to CP and became an agent.


  • She is in a band with Lucy.
  • She discovered that Popcorn Guy was a huge threat even before she found out about the EPF.
  • She often has random items in her skirt that sometimes help the group.
  • She can realize exactly what's going on with a person just by hearing them scream.


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