Agent Omega Zero

Zero's most powerful rival.

Age 100+
Gender Male
Sexuality ?
Species Robot
Position Counterpart of
Agent Zero
Friends None
Enemies Everybody
Favorites None
Related To Agent Zero
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form Dark Agent
Omega Zero,
Super Saiyan
Omega Zero
Portrayed By Sean Schemmel

Agent Omega Zero is a member of the RPF found by Herbert. He is a counterpart to Agent Zero.


One day in a forest, Herbert encountered a mystical jar containing Omega Zero. He went to his lair and opened the jar, releasing Omega. He then started to destroy the cave. Luckily, Klutzy pressed the "Disable Robot" button and Omega was deactivated.

During an encounter with Herbert and Herberta, all of their robots (except for Omega since he was deactivated) faced the PSA. The agency was almost taken down, but Pixie found a way to deactivate them all, so she did that step by step. Herbert got so mad that he jumped into his second newest robot. Eventually, the robot was destroyed. Herbert was sad for their loss, but then Herberta found Omega. She asked Herbert what it was, and he warned her to not touch Omega. Herberta disobeyed and reactivated Omega. The PSA had to retreat. Omega immediately took Agent Zero away.

Agent Zero woke up and saw him and Omega in another dimension. Omega forced him to fight him. In some point of the battle, Zero was so weak that one more hit would destroy him. Before Omega could kill Zero, the other PSA agents jumped in and saved Zero. Zero then pressed the Disable Robot button. Omega then fell to the ground and was deactivated once again.

3 months after Omega's first loss, Lydia found him and brought him into the RPF HQ. Omega was then reactivated, and programmed to rival Agent Zero.

Super Saiyan Form

Omega Zero has the ability to turn into an almighty death god with the power to destroy billions of universes and possess others. This form was first used in Zero's final battle with Sigma. Fortunately, Omega was defeated in this form along with Sigma.


  • "Rest in piece, my friend." -When he defeats Agent Zero.
  • "Your little agency was shut down because your stupid agents were too lazy to be active." -Omega mentioning the PMA.
  • "GRRRRRAGH!" -When he started to destroy Herbert's lair for the first time.
  • "I can go Super Saiyan too!" -After he went Super Saiyan for the first time.
  • "OMEGA! CANNON!" -When he uses his extremely powerful Omega Cannon attack.
  • "Well, well, well. The loser's here." -When he saw Agent Zero in his first mission.
  • "Lydia........TAKE MY SABER!" -When he sees Lydia.
  • "GAYAH, YAH, YAH, YAH!" -When he is defeated.


  • Omega is Zero's third rival in agencies. The second being Bell and the first being Agent Titanium.
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