Agent Sillybudz
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Age 42
Gender Male
Sexuality ?
Species Penguin
Position Inventor,
PSA Agent
Friends Gary
Enemies Herbert
Favorites Laughing
Related To ?
Romance Interest ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Billy S. Arctic (Sillybudz) is an agent of the PSA. He is known for being silly, and making inventions which fail, like Gary the Gadget Guy.


On July 1, 1972 Sillybudz was born. Sillybudz said his first word by one month, which was "haha." After that, he laughed more than your average Green Puffle. One stormy day when he was nine years old, he was outside laughing over his lungs. Then in the middle of laughing, he got struck by lightning. He was still laughing while being struck, and it sparked something in himself that made him laugh even more. The next day no matter what happened he laughed so much. When he was twelve years old, there was a huge snowstorm. He was outside laughing like he normally did, and the snowstorm splashed onto him, and his igloo got blown away.  

He woke up in the blank snow, his parents' igloo nowhere to be found. He spent years surviving in the forest, and in late April 2013, he found a frozen lake, which was actually the lake that was for Ice Fishing. he waddled near it, and heard penguins. He was back home! Gary waddled next to him, and they hugged each other. He was sent as an agent of the EPF and the PSA.


  • He invented the Magnetron 3000, which exploded and sent coins flying everywhere, starting the minigame Jetpack Boost. Almost all of the island thought Gary the Gadget Guy invented it, because of a writing error in EPF code on the invention saying "BY SARY THE GAGDET GUY." Even Gary the Gadget Guy thought it was his!
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