Tra has a set of puffles that are seen throughout parties that he appears in.


Rainie is Tra's Blue Rabbit Puffle. She is very shy, and quiet, but is very creative and cheerful. She has been confirmed to appear with Tra at every party, besides the Halloween Party 2015. Her first appearance was the Holiday Party 2015. Tra found her in the Wilderness, with a Purple Rabbit Puffle. Rainie is the only Blue Rabbit Puffle to exist in all of Club Penguin.


Spirit is Tra's Ghost puffle. He was seen during the last week of the Halloween Party 2015, and the first week of the Space Adventure Party. Tra has described him as, Mysterious, Creepy and sorta shy. Tra has stated that being walked during the Halloween Party was scary for him, due to all the penguins crowding him.


Frost is Tra's Snowman Puffle. Tra mentioned that he would appear with him, during the Winter Party 2016. This was later confirmed false. His personality is cheerful, and creative.


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