Intriguing, very intriguing...
— Albert
Rookie 1

Age 16
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position PSA informant
Friends Rookie, Charlie, People who aren't complete idiots
Enemies Gary, Locy, Lucy, Stupid people besides Rookie
Favorites Pizza
Related To Rookie
Romance Interest Unknown
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Albert is a clone of Rookie. He was created when a portal gun malfunction made Rookie split into two, and caused a second Rookie to come into existence.


Albert is extremely smart, with his intelligence rivaling that of Gary's. Albert is constantly fixing Gary's mistakes, making Gary jealous of him, though he doesn't dislike Gary.

Albert dislikes most stupid people, though he likes Rookie, due to them once being the same penguin. He remembers everything that happened when he and Rookie were one, and because of this, he dislikes Locy and Lucy.


After accidentally setting fire in the Plaza, Rookie was fired from the PSA. Determined to help his friend, Charlie had Gizmo give him an intelligence boost that made him the smartest penguin on the island! Locy and Lucy didn't like him as much, as they thought that Rookie no longer had his affection for Locy due to a misunderstanding. Eventually, Rookie realized that he didn't enjoy being smart anymore, so he used one of Gary's inventions to make him stupid again. However, the machine malfunctioned and Rookie found out that he now has the intelligence of a normal penguin. Many months later on an important mission, a portal gun malfunction split Rookie and his intelligent alter-ego into two identical penguins. It was discovered that Rookie's smart half had a mind of his own, and prefers to be called Albert after the famous (human) scientist.

Albert has since then become a top informant for the PSA, with an intelligence level that rivals that of Gary. The two have become rivals due to Gary's jealousy towards Albert. Albert also often fixes mistakes Gary makes, often saving the PSA thousands of coins that would have been spent repairing the HQ from explosions that would have otherwise been caused by his inventions.


"Rookie's right, there comes a day when you must choose between what you want and what is important, that day has come, we must go and save him. It's that day. it's time to save him, on this day, not yesterday, or tomorrow, but today. TODAY WE WILL GO!!!" -Albert's speech to save Charlie.

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