Age 25
Gender Female
Species Half-Walrus Penguin
Position Backing guitarist in The Band
Friends Dylan, Kenzie, Frunky, Sensei
Enemies RPF, People that play music badly, Tank, Sly, Scrap
Favorites Music
Related To Tusk, Jimmy*, unknown mother
Romance Interest Unknown*
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Avril Lavigne

Alison (Alli) Elizabeth Waltusk is the half-walrus daughter of Tusk and the backing guitarist in The Band.


Alli is an aqua penguin with long, black hair. She has small tusks instead of her canine teeth. She usually wears her snug, white hoodie and black checkered shoes. Alli usually carries around her blue electric guitar and has been seen wearing sunglasses at concerts.


Alli is a calm and collected penguin that loves music. Like her ice powers, she is cool. Her love for music might have come from her adoptive mother, Mrs. Davis, who was a musician.


During his time on the Lonely Mountain, Tusk met an unknown female snow ally, who later gave birth to Alli. Tusk raised her to be a great snow warrior, like himself, although Alli just wanted to be a normal penguin. She ran away from home, around the age of 9, and lived with the kind-hearted Mr. and Mrs. Davis. The couple treated Alli as their own child, as they were unable to conceive.

One day, she showed her adoptive parents her ice powers, and they were concerned for her. They knew that a strange man was building a temple for elementals to train and become warriors. This was when Alli was 16 and had just left school. Alli visited the temple and trained to become a ninja. When she showed Sensei her ice powers, he knew this meant that she was a relative of Tusk. He took her under his wing and trained her to become a full-fledged ninja. Once Sensei learnt that Tusk was reawakening, he hid her in a cabin underneath the Dojo's mountain. This same cabin was where her birth mother was killed by Tusk.

Flash forward a couple of years and, after The Great Snow War of '13, Sensei freed her from captivity. She celebrated this by visiting her adoptive parents house, the Davis'. When she approached the door, Alli was shocked to see that the house was now inhabited by Charles, Angelina, Zeke and Talia. She asked them about the former owners and she learnt that they perished during the Great Snow War. This was most likely due to their connection to Alli, which Tusk hated. Despite this matter, Alli remained positive and headed into Town. She met a yellow penguin named Frunky and an aqua penguin named Kenzie and they immediately became friends. However, she dared not to mention her father. The trio spent a lot of time together and, during The Talent Show, they met Dylan whilst busking. They formed a band.

Alli has never seen her father since she ran away, and hopes never to anytime soon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cryokinesis
  • Card-Jitsu
  • Guitar Playing
  • Singing
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