April Fool's Party

Members only No
When April 1-April 4, 2014
Free Item(s) Unknown
Where On the wiki/igloos
Mascot(s) Rookie, Wookie

The April Fool's Party is an event that occurred in April 2014. Rookie and Wookie were mascots for this party, and it was the latter's first appearance. During the party, the main page was specially updated for this party with jokes, and GarUgg took over the community messages. After the party, Rookie hired the Nyan Cat after it received the most votes in a poll asking who Rookie should hire to join the agency.


  • It was announced by Rookie on January 30th, 2014, here.
  • This is the shortest party on the wiki to date.


Image Item Type Cost
Wookie Rookie BG1 Wookie and Rookie's Stage Giveaway Backgrounds Free


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