Arctic Fox Puffle
Arctic Fox Puffle1

Available The Puffle Party and Puffle Emporium
Attitude Soft, shy, clumsy
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Chew toy and crinkle toy
Play action Throws around toy
Dance None
Tongue color Blue
Speed Fast
Special features Can blend in against snow

The Arctic Fox Puffle is a puffle that can be earned at The Puffle Party by doing Task 3. They can also be bought at the Puffle Emporium. They are named after their similar appearance to arctic foxes.


Attitude: Clumsy and shy
Favorite toys: Dog toys
Hat item: Russian hat
Special fact: Blends in against the snow.
Favorite game: Sled racer
Play: Throws around a squeaky dog toy.
Even Better Play: Shakes around a crinkly dog toy until it swings off-screen, not returning.
Bath: Jumps into bath, then gets out, shaking itself. In the process, it knocks over the bath, getting water on the ground, blushing.
Gum: Chews on gum, then tries to blow bubble. It fails, opening its mouth, discovering the gum is stuck to its teeth.
Dance: Jumps up and down, biting at the air.
Brush: Brush brushes tail, briefly making it chameleon-tailed like.
Tickle: Opens mouth to laugh, but nothing comes out.


  • Helmet was the first one to buy this puffle.


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