I am the writer for the Club Penguin times! Now move along!
— Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic
Aunt Arctic56

Age Mid 40's to early 50's
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Director of the EPF
Friends Sensei, EPF members, the PSA
Enemies Uncle Arctic
Favorites Writing
Related To Uncle Arctic (formerly)
Romance Interest Uncle Arctic (formerly)
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Aunt Arctic is a member from the PSA and the wife of Sensei. She is also the director of the EPF and is a big help in the PSA, secretly wanting to take it over. She is also the news reporter and editor-in-chief of the Club Penguin Times.


Aunt Arctic is optimistic and organized. She's extremely friendly, becoming friends with almost every penguin. She's quite smart and helpful. As the Director of the EPF, she's well coordinated, serious, and secretive.


The Original PSA, and the EPFEdit

Aunt Arctic founded the original PSA back in 2005, under the code name The Director. It was through this agency that she kept an eye on the goings on of the island, while maintaining her cover as a reporter.

After the PSA's destruction in 2010, Aunt Arctic merged the agency with the even more secret EPF. Although her identity was revealed to the public in 2012, she continues to help the EPF fight crime to this day.

Divorce With Uncle ArcticEdit

Aunt Arctic had already been craving a better life long before Uncle Arctic lost his job at the Pizza Parlor. Once this happened however, Aunt Arctic grew to dislike her husband even more, blaming him for their misfortune, and requested a divorce. Uncle Arctic tried his best to save their marriage, but his attempts were in vain, as Aunt Arctic has already been seeing Sensei for several months, and ran off with him soon after.


  • "That's a really great question!"
  • "Ask away!"
  • "Oh, Sensei, stop getting yourself wound up in trouble, you old geezer!"


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