Axel tra father

Age 42
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Part-Time Agent, Father
Friends The PSA
Enemies Herbert, Tusk, Protobot
Favorites Puffles, Family
Related To Alexis, Tra, Lucas the Party Planner
Romance Interest Alexis
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By

Axel Micheal Jack Evergreen is a part-time member from the PSA as well as the husband of Alexis, being the father of Lucas and Myles. He owns a green puffle called Doodles.


Axel is very cautious and worried penguin. He tends to get nervous and freak out whenever he thinks he lost something or when he's cooking. He usually is friendly. He tends to apologize to Myles whenever he gets the chance to see him about leaving his egg.


Axel was a very quiet penguin before meeting and marrying Alexis. He worked at the Coffee Shop and helped out at the Pet Shop. Axel's parents usually didn't bother to see him once he moved out. After marrying Alexis and having their two children Lucas and Myles, he began to get more out-going and decided to get into the Music career. Whenever he has the chance, him and Alexis enjoy helping the PSA.


  • "HONK! MOVE IT."
  • "I am Axel, but you already knew that."
  • "Puffles... They are probably the weirdest creature i've ever seen, but they are adorable."
  • "OH CRAP WHERES MY ____!?"


Group: PSA
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Favorite Color: Lime
Favorite Song: Uma Thurman -Fall out Boy
Other Favorite Things: Puffles, Coffee, Music
Worst Enemy: Herbert, Protobot, Tusk.

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