The Bad Arse Corporation (BAC) is the public-service broadcaster of Club Penguin, headquartered at an unmapped island near Club Penguin. It is rumoured to be connected with the Club Penguin Times.

It is probably the oldest and only broadcaster for Club Penguin; no other broadcasters are known. The exact amount of staff working for the corporation is unknown, but it is an estimate 9.


The BAC owns four television stations: BAC One, BAC Two, BAC News, and BAC Sport. There used to be BAC Science, but it's no longer active.

BAC OneEdit

Shows include:

BAC TwoEdit

  • Over The Rainbow With Snickers The Turtle
  • The Phantom TARDIS (mini-series)
  • Blue and Pink
  • Happy Herbert's Hellish Adventures

BAC NewsEdit

BAC News is the BAC's 24-hour rolling news channel. It covers all the news happening in Club Penguin.

BAC ScienceEdit

Since all shows were eventually cancelled/ended on BAC Science, the channel no longer broadcasts anything.

  • Gary Nye the Gadget Guy (ended)
  • The G-Files (ended)

BAC SportEdit

  • Hockey
  • Sledding
  • Soccer
  • Extreme Jetpack Cart Surfing
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