Age 39
Gender Male
Species Human
Position Pyrotechnist, part time PSA agent, Crackhead
Friends The Gorons, Renado (most of the time), Anyone who doesn't try to murder him or burn down his shop (apparently this happens quite often)
Enemies Lanterns, Monsters, ADL, Agent Charlie
Favorites Bombs, Fireworks, Explosives, Explosive Crack
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest None
Status Somehow still alive
Alternate Form Satan Claus (formerly)
Portrayed By Robert Carlyle
Ted Sroka (TCMMDI)
Barnabus B. Barnes, or simply, Barnes, is a human currently residing on Club Penguin Island. It is unknown exactly how he ended up on the island in the first place, as even Barnes himself doesn't seem to know.


Barnes hates it whenever someone brings a lantern in his shop, due to the fact it could spark, and set off one of his explosives. He's went as far as to ban the use of lanterns in his shop. Satan Claus was once able to convince Barnes that he was Satan Claus, but he was only using Barnes as a vessel used to drop bombs down the chimneys of unsuspecting penguins. Barnes has complete obedience for Gracie, despite being very annoyed by her constant arguments with him.


Barnes was born and raised in Kakariko Village, where he lived until quite recently. He ran a bomb shop there, which was partially destroyed by Link, during an invasion on the village which killed all but 3 of the residents.

In March of 2014, Barnes awoke on the island of Club Penguin, with an awful hangover and no idea as to how he ended up there.

He currently runs a bomb shop on CP just like the one he had back in Kakariko. Gary often helps him in creating his products, along with supplying him with the necessary materials for making Explosive Crack.


  • He is considering getting a toupee to cover up his baldness.
    • Pixie is trying to convince him against this, saying he would look too much like Donald Trump.


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