Bear Cub Puffle
Bear cub fixed

Available The Puffle Party and Puffle Emporium
Attitude Lazy, Hungry
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Stick, Fishing Rod
Play action Throws stick around, until it snaps
Dance Balances on one side, then the other
Tongue color Pink
Speed Medium
Special features Can eat a lot

The Bear Cub Puffle is a puffle given out by ADL on Earth Day of 2014. It is currently available at The Puffle Emporium for 15 ADL Points.


Attitude: Lazy, often Hungry
Favorite toys: A Stick
Favorite food: a Fish
Special fact: It will eat a lot of food to keep warm.
Favorite game: Ice Fishing
Play: It throws a stick around until the stick breaks; it cuts a hole in the ground, and tries to go fishing
Even Better Play: Sets up a target made out of cake, grabs stick of Cake Pop, sucks it back, and spits it out, hitting the bullseye on the target
Bath: It gets into the pool, then pulls out a fish.
Gum: It swallows the gum.
Dance: It tries to balance on its left side, then the right side, the it repeats.
Brush: It's brushed into a nice combover, but the puffle just shakes its fur into a mess again.
Tickle: It roars


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