Government Type N/A
Leader N/A
Time Active Unkown - Present
Currency Coins
Major Locations Dimensional Portal
Minor Locations Dragon Fire Café, Bliskatraz
Inhabitants Penguins, Dragons

Blisk is a magical island located south of Club Penguin.[1] The island itself is tropical, and the majority of its citizens are dragons. Despite this, it appears to be a popular tourist attraction for penguins, and some penguins have even lived here.


18 years ago, Charlie was created on Blisk by Douglas, and brought to life with the use of the Snowstone.

Several years later, Lucy had traveled to Blisk while exploring places beyond Club Penguin. Here, she discovered mysterious gems with various magical properties.

Significant PlacesEdit


Bliskatraz is a prison located under Blisk. Some of Club Penguin's most dangerous criminals are locked up here.

Dimensional PortalEdit

There is a portal located on Blisk which allows penguins to enter the Human World. It is located in a waterfall.



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