Wheel Bot, Jet Bot, and Snow Bot are three robots which serve as the henchmen of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000.


The bots were created by Gary, when he was still working for the Penguin Secret Agency, as test bots. The bots were programmed with artificial intelligence, and eventually turned on their creator. The bots went on to build Protobot, who eventually overthrew the bots as leader. Protobot now controls the bots.


Wheel BotEdit

  • "Nobody on foot can catch me."
  • "Wheels are the way to go."

Jet BotEdit

  • "Flying faster than jet planes."
  • "A jet pack?! COPIER!"

Snow BotEdit

  • "Um..I'm just shoveling snow."
  • "How about a snowball for your face?"


  • They are easily defeated, and have been rebuilt multiple times.


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