Bunny Puffle
Yellow Bunny Puffle

Available Happy Easter Postcards from Jay, Pixie and Kris
Attitude Lively, energetic, quick-witted, clever (Yellow); Warm, caring, expressive, personable (Pink); Practical, observant, hands-on, grounded (Blue); Selfless, playful, sensitive (Purple); Judging, organized, funny (Green)
Member only No
Favorite toys Carrot
Play action Tosses a carrot into the air and eats it
Dance Hops
Tongue color Blue (Yellow), Magenta (Pink), Dark blue (Blue)
Speed Fast
Special features Hides eggs around its owner's igloo

Bunny Puffles are puffles that were earned on Easter 2014 and 2015. In 2014, when given the Happy Easter postcards from Jay, Kris, and Pixie, the yellow, blue, and pink bunny puffles were given out, respectively. In 2015, at the Easter Eggtravaganza, users would have collected two egg groups to get the green and lavender bunny puffles. More colors may be announced.


Attitude: Cheerful
Favorite toys: Carrots
Hat item: Carrot hat
Special fact: Enjoys hiding eggs in its owner's igloo.
Favorite game: N/A
Play: Tosses a carrot into the air and then eats it.
Even Better Play: Pushes around a hay ball, chewing on it.
Bath: Dives into the bath, then later when it comes out a blow-drier appears and makes the puffle fluffy. Then it shakes itself to return to its normal fluffiness.
Gum: Blows an egg shaped bubble
Dance: Hops
Brush: Becomes fluffier
Tickle: Giggles


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