Card Jitsu Butter's true potential.

Card Jitsu Butter is a form of Card Jitsu created by Budder Ninja.


Budder Ninja created Card Jitsu Butter in hopes that it would become Club Penguin's next major Card Jitsu. The idea was rejected by Sensei, who claimed the art was ridiculous. The art has since gained a small following in the RPF, though very few who follow the art have actually mastered it.

Fighting StyleEdit

The idea of Card Jitsu Butter is to stop your opponents from being able to attack you by covering them with butter, causing them to be unable to control what they are doing. Butter is often thrown at the opponent, though it can also be used as a melee weapon. Its power is weak compared to other elements, being only powerful against those who are Lactose Intolerant. Those who use the art usually yell out the name of the move they are about to use, making the art much more predictable. Its power can also be used to add flavouring food.

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