Cheese Puffle

Available The Puffle Emporium and Ballono's home
Attitude Friendly, Jealous
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Unknown
Play action Unknown
Dance Hops around one time, then light comes out of its holes like a disco ball
Tongue color Light blue
Speed Slow
Special features Holes around body

The Cheese Puffle is a puffle that was created by Ballono.


The cheese puffle was accidentally created when Ballono dropped his cheese into his invention, the Pufflinator 3000. Millions of cheese puffles came out, and nearly destroyed Ballono's home, leading Ballono to stop using the Pufflinator 3000. Ballono kept one of these puffles, and is selling the rest at the Puffle Emporium.


  • Some penguins accidentally eat these puffles, thinking they are food.
    • These penguins say that the cheese puffles are swiss, which is pretty obvious since they have holes.
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