“A room without me is like a body without a soul.”
— Claire
Claire McBrayer

Age 19
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position College student
Friends Popular kids, Stella (sometimes)
Enemies Stella (sometimes)
Favorites Texting
Related To Griffin, Stella, unnamed mother
Romance Interest G Billy
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Rebecca Shoichet

Claire McBrayer is the older sister of Stella, to whom she teases a lot. She's cocky and was part of the "popular and cool kids" in high school and middle school. She played volleyball in high school and middle school, but admits she didn't really enjoy it. She has recently departed for college, attending New York University. She's on the lacrosse team. Despite not liking her little sister a lot, she still misses her and her boyfriend, G Billy.


Claire is very rude, having no manners. She's a bit self-centred, but cares if one of her friends is hurt. Her pressure point is her deceased grandfather, and gets super defensive when someone indirectly makes fun of him. Claire also sometimes defends Stella in her absence, despite their constant fights and hatred for each other. Despite this, the two care deeply for each other, and Claire hates to admit this, but she knows it's true.


  • She seems to have hatred towards Dogkid, as she's Stella's good friend.
  • She owns a brown dog puffle.


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