I won't hesitate to fight you.
— Clara
Clara Penny Somerville

Age 60
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Actress, singer, music shop owner
Friends PSA
Enemies Bad drivers
Favorites Fish
Related To Jeremy, Tim, Gracie, Kourtney
Romance Interest Jeremy
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Moira Quirk

Clara Penny Somerville is the mother of Gracie and Tim and the wife of Jeremy.

She owns a female ghost puffle, a male yellow dino puffle, male purple puffle, and a female brown puffle, named Cindy, Celery, Puma, and Ochre respectively. She used to own a female pink puffle named Pinkbuns in her childhood before it died.


Clara was born in London, England to Sarah and Luke Watson on January 28, whom had a child one year prior, Kourtney. Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer when Clara was only 10. Clara, Kourtney, and their father were very supportive of her before she passed away not long after Clara turned 16. She got a pink puffle as a present from her mom two days before her death. But no matter what Clara did to care for the puffle, it passed away after two years. She had been in a state of depression ever since her mother's death, and it only worsened when her puffle died. Kourtney seemed to also be depressed, but she seemed to get over it and handle it much better than Clara.

Luke never remarried, and took care of Clara and Kourtney before they headed off to college, where Clara dreamed of becoming an actress and singer. Acting and singing always helped her feel better after her mom died. She stared in minor films and plays, becoming a well-known singer in England by the age of 25.

After meeting Jeremy, a musician, in her hometown, London, they started dating and got married after three years. After having Tim, Clara laid another egg a year after, but the egg was destroyed in an unknown incident.

While Clara, Jeremy, and Tim were walking around Club Penguin island, they spotted Gracie in the Coffee Shop. She reminded them of what Clara and Jeremy's stillborn child would of looked like. After Gracie explained she really wasn't a penguin, the three took care of her, raising her as if she were a real penguin.

Clara opened up a music shop after retiring as a singer, but she is still well-known and loved.


Clara can be quite scary, and won't hesitate to teach her two kids a lesson or two when they talk back. She often rages a lot when driving. She swears quite often, something Gracie seems to do also. She may be rude and wild, but she'll be nice and polite if you are to her. Clara was deeply depressed ever since her mom died, but soon got over it and let go through acting and singing.

She loves puffles, her favourite one being the pink because because they love watermelon just like her.

Clara enjoys singing and acting. She is surprisingly bad at sports, ever since her childhood, but tries to stay as active as she can.


  • She plays the piano and she taught Tim and Gracie how to play when they were little.

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