Clarrise Custom.png

Age 22
Gender Female
Sexuality ?
Species Frostbite
Position Agent
Friends Anyone who
doesn't try
to kill her
Enemies Evil
Favorites Ice Skating
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest Adam
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Clarisse is an agent of the PSA. She is also the last female Frost Bite.


Clarisse is the last female Frost Bite in the entire world of Club Penguin. She loves to ice skate ever since she found an abandoned ice skating rink. One day, Jay and Adam were sent on a mission together when Gary found paranormal readings behind Ski Hill. The rink happened to be behind Ski Hill, and they both found Clarisse. She was later recruited to the agency.


Clarisse has standard Frostbite powers such as creating frozen snowballs, and walking on Ice without slipping. She can also make it snow at anytime, and travel through snow by turning into snow, and reforming from snow in another place.


  • Until she was found, Adam was thought to be the last Frost Bite in Club Penguin.


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