Club Ducky
Club Ducky
Government Type Parliamentary Monarchy
Leader ADL
Time Active 1683 - Present
Currency Coins
Major Locations Ducky Region, Moose Region
Minor Locations Ducky Diner
Inhabitants Ducks, Moose, Duckles

Club Ducky is a large, tropical island located north of Club Penguin. ADL is the monarch of the island. ADL, Saruman, Melissa, Melodi, Vove, and Quack Quack were born here.


Club Ducky is segregated into two distinct regions: The Ducky Region, and the Moose Region. The Ducky Region is the home of the majority of the ducks on the island, while the Moose Region is the home to the majority of the moose on the island.

The Ducky RegionEdit

The Ducky Region has a lot of fertile land, which allows fields of grass to grow. This region is mostly one large city, with a dock that is constantly importing and exporting goods. Many shops and restaurants exist within this region, including the infamous Ducky Diner.

The Moose RegionEdit

The Moose Region is composed mostly of mud, which is too wet to grow anything on. The little amount of land that is dry enough to grow crops have been converted into villages, as these are also the only places solid enough to build homes. Due to this, the majority of resources in the Moose Region have been imported from the Ducky Region.

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