Look, I'm sorry but you're pathetic, and I'm pretty, so I'm gonna have to be mean to you!
— Crissy

Age 17 years
Gender Female
Species Crab
Position SASS agent
Friends SASS members
Enemies Shellia
Favorites Makeup
Related To Shellia
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Crissy is a crab who is currently a member of SASS, and the elder sister of Shellia.


Crissy is mean and demands to be at the center of attention. She loves makeup, but believes she is the only one who can apply it correctly. She often tries, and succeeds, to get Shellia in trouble for everything, even if she had done nothing wrong.


All her life, Crissy has been mean to Shellia. Always teasing her, taunting her, and even beating her. When she was 13, she took a major interest in makeup and popularity. She also was the star of almost all the school plays, despite the fact she kept getting in trouble. When she was 16, Crissy joined SASS, and because of this Shellia wanted to help and joined the PSA.


  • "CLICK CLICK CLICK!!! (Everyone HATES you Shellia! Get that through your ugly little brain!)"
  • "Click click.. CLICK!!! (Gee.. I'm sorry.. THAT YOU'RE A WEIRD SHY FREAK!)"
  • "Click click!! (Klutzy is evil like ME! He'll never change! And he'll NEVER like you!)"
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