Age N/A
Gender Male
Species Crocodile
Position N/A
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Favorites N/A
Related To N/A
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By N/A

Croc is the main protagonist of the Croc series. He was invited by Greatferaligatr to join the PSA.


While his universe is not well-known to penguins, croc was born on a small island with the Gobbos. His parents were missing in first game, but he searched for them in the second game until the end of Croc 2, where he found his parents. Croc 3 was cancelled as Argonaut went bust in 2004. Because of this, he became depressed until a letter from Club Penguin dimension asked him to get invited to the PSA. He asked King Gobbo to make a Dimension-Traveling device so he could enter the new dimension known as Club Penguin. At first, he seem to be confused, until Greatferaligatr greeted him with a wave.


Croc is goofy, and often breaks the fourth wall. He thinks Herbert is a threat to him, but he doesn't really know who Herbert is, and he absolutely hates Justin Bieber; he would rather listen to 90's music. The concept of romance is foreign to him. He can speak, but what he says can easily be mistaken for a Yoshi.


Croc is a small, cute green crocodile with two beady eyes, a long snout, two nostrils and one fang. He also has a yellow belly, a short green tail which he uses for attacking, short arms, four fingered hands, and large, three-clawed feet. He wears a backpack which he uses to pull out Gummi Savers and Clockwork Gobbos, amongst other Items. He learns to talk in Croc 2 as well as the Gobbos and Swap Meet Pete.


  • "Hup" - When he pulls himself up off a ledge
  • "Hee yup" - Something else he says when he pulls himself up off a ledge
  • "Uh" - When he grips onto a ledge.
  • "Ker splat!" - when doing a tail-whip
  • "Ah-whop!" - When doing a tail-whip
  • "YAZOO!" - When stomping
  • "WA-HEY!" - When stomping
  • "Owch!" - When hurt, usually after being burnt by lava
  • "Ooh!" - When he is hurt usually in a pool.
  • "Waaahh" - When falling off a cliff.
  • "Bluu" - When he is hurt.
  • "Ah!" - A short, sharp yelp he makes when hurt, usually after being touched by a Dantini
  • "Huuur" - A faint-like noise when hurt with no crystals.

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