Cupcake Puffle
Cake Puffle

Available The Puffle Emporium
Attitude Sweet, Affectionate, Lazy
Member only No
Favorite toys Donut Hole, Cake Pop
Play action Tries to balance on Donut Hole
Dance Throws it's hat, and catches it
Tongue color White
Speed Slow
Special features Can produce cake out of thin air

The Cupcake Puffle is a puffle that was first made available at the Cakeover and is currently available at The Puffle Emporium.


On August 13, 2014, cameras set up by Charlie, an employee working at The Puffle Emporium in the Club Penguin wilderness captured sight of a strange looking puffle. At first thought to be a rainbow puffle, it was quickly realized that this was an undiscovered species of puffle. On August 15, Charlie set off into the wilderness to find these puffles. When he did, he discovered that they where somehow completely made out of cake, yet also sentient beings. They were made available at The Puffle Emporium on August 16th, 2014, coincidentally during the Cakeover.


Attitude: Cute, curious, and very affectionate. It would do anything for its owner, despite the face that it is somewhat lazy.
Favorite toys: Donut Hole, Cake Pop
Hat item: Whipped-Cream-and-Cherry hat
Special fact: Its outer layer is edible, but grows back instantly.
Favorite game: Cookietron 3000
Play: Tries to Balance on Donut Hole, falls, lands on head, and makes an annoyed sigh.
Even Better Play: Sets up a target made out of cake, grabs stick of Cake Pop, sucks it back, and spits it out, hitting the bullseye on the target
Bath: Dissolves into tub, and becomes soggy. It hops out of the tub, flops into an oven, and pops out a few seconds later, back to normal
Gum: Blows a bubble, puts whipped cream and a cherry on top, pops the bubble with its teeth, opens its mouth to let the whipped cream and cherry fall into it, and spits out the cherry stem.
Dance: Tosses hat to the right, slides over and catches, tosses to the left, slides back and catches again, pants a few times before restarting
Brush: Gives the puffle a temporary cupcake shape
Tickle: Drops hat, rolls over onto head, and giggles


  • Despite their "lazy" personality, Cupcake Puffles are very sweet and affectionate to their owners.
  • Rather than running away when neglected for too long, it sits and cries until given attention.
  • Like the Green Puffle, it comes with a hat, the Whipped Cream and Cherry Hat.
    • If another hat is bought for it, it will still wear its Whipped Cream and Cherry hat on top of it.
  • It is the first puffle to have freckles.
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