Cyan Puffle
Teal Puffle2

Available Puffle Emporium
Attitude Shy, powerful
Member only No
Favorite toys Wave and big fish bowl
Play action Rides on a wave
Dance Rides on a wave
Tongue color Dark blue
Speed Fast
Special features Is shy like a White Puffle and is found in water

The Cyan Puffle, originally the Teal Puffle, is a puffle that can be earned at the Puffle Emporium.


Attitude: Shy
Favorite toys: Wave and big fish bowl
Special fact: It is found underwater
Favorite game: N/A
Play: Rides on a wave
Even Better Play: It creates a fish bowl that it puts scuba gear on and swims in it
Bath: Relaxes in water
Gum: Blows water bubbles
Dance: Rides wave
Brush: Styles hair in shape of a fish
Tickle: Makes "Mee!" noise.

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