These are characters from alternate dimensions.

Ghostly HarrisonEdit

Ghostly Harrison is a clone of Harrison P. Bear from another dimension. Like Happy Herbert, he has an obsession with Justin Bieber. He is an ancestor of Hungry Herberta and Happy Herbert.

He grew up on Rockhopper Island, centuries before the alternate dimension Rockhopper discovered it. Harrison found that the Fountain of Youth was located on the island, and drank from it, giving him immortality.

Centuries after this, Rockhopper came to the island, and sent all the Polar Bears into the ocean. Most of the Polar Bears were able to swim to Club Penguin, where the Great Polar Bear War of Club Penguin began. Most of the Polar Bears died, except for Hungry Herberta, and Happy Herbert.

As a ghost, Harrison later moved to our dimension, where the Poltergeist Extermination Program captured him. His current location is unknown.

Hungry HerbertaEdit

Hungry Herberta is a clone of Herberta from a different dimension. She eats almost everything, having eaten Happy Herbert (she thought he was a penguin), The Moon, and one of Popcorn Guy's bombs. After the bomb exploded, she ate him, but he tasted too much like popcorn, so she spit him out. Hungry Herberta was discovered shortly after the PSA destroyed Happy Herbert. She attempted to eat several agents and, strangely, fell in love with Gary.

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