Diva Pookies

Age 1-6
Gender Varies
Species Penguin
Position Babies,
SASS Agents*
Friends None
Enemies The World
Favorites Crying
Related To Their Mumu
and Papa
Romance Interest None
Status Napping
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Pookies are baby penguins. Their feathers are normally yellow and they are quite small. While most pookies are supported by the PSA, a large group of pookies known as Diva Pookies are not.


Diva Pookies are pookies who dress like preps, act like bullies, and love to cause trouble. They were officially classified as enemies of the PSA when they tried to destroy a PSA hard drive as a prank. Diva Pookies hate all animals, including puffles, puppies, and kitties.

Most Diva Pookies are part of SASS, and also usually grow up to be preps.


  • Agent Ninja Penguins made a machine to destroy Diva Pookies, 2 million died by the blast until the machine was hacked by the Diva Pookies.


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