Doctorwatfirstteaser Doctor Wat is a British/American science fiction series created by Pixie Gryffin which is based on Doctor Who. It is currently on hiatus for an unknown amount of time.

Background Edit

Doctor Wat is a parody of Doctor Who, which features crossovers from many other series.

The first season was originally meant to have 6 episodes, but has been put on hiatus after only 2, due to complications with the writers.

It is highly likely to return in late 2016.


The Doctor is a time traveling scientist and inventor from the planet Coffifrey, who goes on intergalactic adventures with his companions in the T.A.R.B.U.X, a coffee delivery van that is bigger on the inside.



The Doctor: A Time Lord from the planet Coffifrey. He travels through time and space in his T.A.R.B.U.X.

Pixie Aria: A mysterious woman who turns up at unexpected moments to assist the doctor. She appears to have knowledge of the future and may be a time traveler herself.

Dot Mills: The Doctor's first companion and close friend. She may have a crush on him.

Timothy Fae: The sassy, spunky companion of The Doctor and Rory's husband.

Rory Williams: One of The Doctor's companions, along with his husband, Tim.

Paige King: A companion of The Doctor who often feels as though she will never come close to filling her predecessor's place.

Supporting and Reoccurring CharactersEdit

Captain Albert Rookness: A time traveling Captain who occasionally assists The Doctor in his travels.

Jaylock Holmes: A detective who lives in a cupboard on the TARBUX, he often assists The Doctor in solving mysteries.

Wolf Mulligan: An EPF agent and ancient alien theorist. He was accidentally abducted by The Doctor once, and now seeks to prove his existence.

Hailey: A member of a race of humanoid cats known as the Catkind, who inhabit Somewhat Newer Than New Club Penguin.


The Master: A renegade Time Lord who seeks to destroy The Doctor.

Herbert P. Bear: An alien from the planet Bearis 5.

Cherlie: The current ruler of Hell who seeks to cause massive destruction on Earth.

Minor CharactersEdit

Petey Mc Peteface: Dot's idiotic boyfriend, who travels with The Doctor for a short time.

Guy Saxon: The Master's husband.


Season 1Edit


  • This series is considered non canon to the PSA universe.
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