Sadness is an illusion; happiness is sweet!
— Donutella

Age Immortal, but has the mind and body of a 10-13 year old
Gender Female
Species Alien
Position PSA agent
Friends Sugar Cube, The PSA and Them
Enemies Anyone who is mean to her
Favorites Donuts, Sugar
Related To Unknown
Romance Interest Rumored to be Ciambello
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Donutella is a donut themed alien from an unnamed planet that's fuel source is sugar. She resembles a girl wearing a costume due to her face area. She can do anything with her powers as long as they have to do with donuts, which can be extremely limiting at times.


As mentioned, she comes from a planet with a sugar fuel source. One day she crash-landed in her Donut Spaceship in Club Penguin. She can easily get back, but she chooses to help fight with the PSA. She is trying to start a trend of donut skirts in Club Penguin, though she has not yet succeeded.


Donutella is always super happy and always finds the good of a bad situation. This has actually helped the PSA at times. She seems small, and this causes villains to underestimate her, which also helps a lot. By thinking villains don't want to make her "cry."


  • She often falls on her donut skirt and has to roll around for a while until she gets help.
  • Helmet is likely to eat her.


  • "Sweet!" -Donutella when shes happy
  • "Donut mess with donuts." -Donutella after attacking a villian
  • "Dead donuts." -Donutella when chat is dead
  • "Meanies." -What Donutella says about bad guys


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