And that was the corniest joke I've ever heard!
— Dot
Another-Dot 2013 2015 Image

Age 23
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Stealth Leader
Friends The PSA, EPF, Cadence
Enemies Jay (formerly), Herbert, RPF, LOVE
Favorites Disguises, Cadence
Related To Agent 380 (brother)
Romance Interest Jay (formerly)
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Dot the Disguise Gal (or by her new civilian cover, Dot the Design Gal) works with the other agents of the PSA. She disguises herself to see what other organizations are doing. She also has a relation to Agent 380, most likely being his sister.

Dot has revealed she's bisexual, and has started dating Cadence.


Dot is very cheery and energetic, but is shown to be a bit serious at times. She's an optimist, seeing the opportunities in difficulties. She's a bit sensitive, but she overcomes things easily. She is best friends with Megg, since they both like disguises.


Dot has been known to wear many disguises for different occasions. These disguises include:

  • A Snowguin
  • A Tree
  • A Rock
  • Inflatable Tubes
  • A Barrel


  • "I'm on it!" - said when given an order.
  • "Pfft a ___ costume? That's an easy one." -said when asked to dress in a specific disguise.
  • "I'm a tree!!"
  • "They don't call me the Disguise Gal for nothing, you know!"

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