Squeak squeak.
— Echo
Bat Puffle Hallooween 2013

Age 2 years
Gender Female
Species Bat Puffle
Position Bat puffle, PSA spy
Friends Jewel
Enemies Darktwist, Luna
Favorites Nothing
Related To  ?
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

Echo is a female bat puffle owned by Jewel. She hates Darktwist because he always acts superior to her, which he really isn't. Echo helps the PSA spy on their enemies; her ability to fly and vanish into the shadows helps.


Echo is very antisocial, only hanging out with Jewel. She doesn't like any of the other puffles Jewel owns, including Darktwist and Luna, and often avoids them. She never laughs or smiles, only smiling evilly occasionally.


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