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Age 21
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Clothes Shop worker
Friends Wren, Dot
Enemies Herbert
Favorites Wren, October, the month September, Mondays, swimming, sports.
Related To N/A
Romance Interest Wren (girlfriend)
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?
Eunice Orianna Crispell is Wren's girlfriend. Eunice is currently not a PSA agent, but works part-time at the Clothes Shop. Together, she and Wren are raising a pookie named October.


Eunice is very friendly, compassionate and clumsy. She deeply cares for other people, and she usually puts their feelings and interests before her own, in some cases being at a personal cost. Despite being genuinely kind, she does have her limits. Despite that, she's a kind-hearted girl who won't stop at any curve. She spoils both Wren and October, and will protect them both, no matter what.


Eunice was born and raised in Manhattan, and moved to New Penguin City when she was 14. In December 2015, she met Wren at the clothes shop and became great friends. After a few weeks they were engaged, and decided to adopt a pookie. In February 2016, they adopted a pookie named October. Eunice and Wren aren't married as of yet.


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