Age 3
Gender Male
Species Rainbow Puffle
Position Pet, PSA Agent
Friends Puffles
Enemies N/A
Favorites Sugary Things, His Hat
Related To N/A
Romance Interest N/A
Status Alive
Alternate Form N/A
Portrayed By ?

Puffles has many puffles, and Firework is one of his favorites. It started one day at the Plaza. Puffles was lining up to check out the new play when Firework fell from the sky. Rainbow puffles had recently been discovered, so Puffles figured the ball of fur must have accidentally fallen from the Cloud Forest. Puffles adopted him and named him Firework, after his many colors.


Firework loves anything sweet and sugary, which helps him get along with Lily. He also loves he hat, and his owner.


Firework can fart different colors, with each color corresponding to a different power. He also has the power to create clouds out of thin air.


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