Pink Puffle2

Owner Pixie
Gender Female
Attitude Sassy, cheerful
Species Pink Puffle
Age 6
Position Member of the Puffle Division
Favorite toys Trampolines, the Jet Ski 3000
Favorite food O'berries
Friends Pixie, Darwin, Sagan
Enemies Herbert P. Bear
Romance Interest Possibly Darwin
Special features Able to speak English with Gary's Puffle Translator

Fluffle is Pixie's puffle that works for the Puffle Division. Her best friend is Darwin.


Fluffle is an active, cheerful puffle. She enjoys swimming, playing Aqua Grabber, and eating O' berries. She also enjoys playing pranks on Darwin, and blaming it on Sagan.


Pixie first came across Fluffle during her second mission, when she was a member of the original PSA. After crashing Gary's prototype sled, and finding herself lost in the wilderness, Pixie discovered a pink puffle, hiding in the cave she had chosen to spend the night in. She befriended the puffle by giving her some O'berries, and a spot to sleep by the fire. By the next morning though, the puffle had vanished, and Pixie was rescued by Jet Pack Guy. Several months later, during another wilderness expedition, Pixie found the same pink puffle, starving, because Herbert had stolen all the O'berries from the wilderness. Pixie brought her home, and gave her food. After discovering that she had considerably more fur than the average puffle, Pixie began calling her Fluffle.


  • She once tried to convince Pete to go on a diet.
    • Pete responded to this by eating Fluffle.
  • She can speak English due to Gary's puffle translator.
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