Age 34
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Puffle Berry Mall employee
Friends Everyone
Enemies Herbert, RPF
Favorites  ?
Related To See list below
Romance Interest None, but many penguins adore him.
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Zac Efron
It's not my fault I'm.. IRRESISTIBLE!
— Gabe

Gabe Logan Fisher is an employee of the Puffle Berry Mall. He was also an employee at the Coffee Shop, before working at the Mall. He is the brother of Barry and Kate. He currently lives in a small apartment near the Plaza.


Gabe is ladies' man. He is a charmer, and most of his customers swoon over him. The Puffle Berry Mall manager only hired him due to his handsome looks. Despite his egotistical nature, he is scared of the dark, but doesn't like to mention his nyctophobia. He is shown to be very self-absorbed, owning 56 mirrors and having posters of himself in his bedroom.

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