Age  ?
Gender Male
Species Caveguin
Position Caveguin
Friends Dino puffles,
Enemies  ?
Favorites Clubbing
Related To Gary
Romance Interest  ?
Status Deceased
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

GarUgg the Ugg Ugg is Gary's blind uncle from prehistoric times.


Garugg was born on Club Penguin island during the Stone Age. He quickly gained an interest in technology, going as far as to inventing the wheel, and discovering fire. After discovering fire, he wondered if the Sun was made of fire, and tried to check if it was by staring at it. This incident blinded him, and his optician prescribed him glasses made of rock. Garugg became very clumsy after the incident, going as far as to loose the Dinosaur Puffle Eggs he was studying. He eventually ended up unwittingly walking into a tar pit, and dying there.

During a point in his lifetime, Gary met up with Garugg, and brought him to the future. Garugg stayed with Gary for a few years before returning to his own time.



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