Gariwald VIII
Gariwald VIII - Halloween Party 2014

Age 78 (before his death)
Gender Male
Species Penguin-ghost
Position Gary's Great Uncle and a Paranormal Expert, Inventor of the Ghostamatron
Friends The PSA, the Somervilles, his puffle, Groste
Enemies  ?
Favorites His puffle, marshmallow fish sandwiches
Related To Gary (Great-Nephew), Garianna (Great-Grandmother), Gariwalt Disney (Brother)
Romance Interest  ?
Status Alive
Alternate Form Penguin form, other transformations
Portrayed By Alex Hirsch

Gariwald VIII is a ghost on Club Penguin, known for being Gary's great-uncle. He can transform between his ghost and living penguin forms, in addition to transforming into almost anything.

He is very helpful to The PSA because he can spy on people without them knowing he's there. The only problem is that Pixie is the only one who can see him without the help of ghost goggles, which he uses to his advantage to scare her unexpectedly.

Gariwald is rich, as he owns a very large mansion that he built himself.


In life, Gariwald was a very reserved penguin who spent most of his time studying the paranormal, and inventing many unusual contraptions, most of which failed with disastrous results.

Gariwald went missing many years ago and was presumed dead. His mansion, which was then abandoned, was deemed haunted and was eventually forgotten by all but his closest relatives. In October 2012 Gary discovered Gariwald's ghost while searching the mansion for coffee. It was later revealed that Gariwald had turned himself into a ghost using the Ghostamatron 3000 in an attempt to learn more about them. The affect was only ment to be temporary, but due to a malfunction in the machine, Gariwald was stuck as a ghost eternally.


  • He enjoys eating marshmallow fish sandwiches, although being a ghost, they just go right through him.
  • He is the founder of PEP.
  • For some odd reason, he is ironically afraid of ghosts although he likes to study them.
    • A ghost, named Groste, is his apprentice.


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