This is a list of all of Gary's inventions.

Functional InventionsEdit

  • Net Launcher 1000 (Launches a net a penguin, useful for capturing enemies, and also handy for stopping Rookie from flying around the HQ)
  • Penguin Personality Switcher 3000 (Switches the personality of a penguin. Was once used to switch the agents personalities.)
  • The Cheese 3000 (It's a cheese with 3000 written on it) 
  • The Gary Bear 3000 (a teddy bear that looks like Gary, was made as a present for Pixie)
  • The Fire Blaster 3000 (Anything it shoots catches on fire)
  • The Come to Life 3000 (Brings video game characters to CP, also a present for Pixie)
  • Glasses Cleaner 3000 (Looks like a set of mini windshield wipers)
  • Relaxatron 3000 (Penguin Version)
  • Time Trekker 3000
  • The Aqua Grabber (Though water does leak into it)
  • The Pizzatron 3000
  • Penguin Fuser 3000 (Although the device was incomplete, and was meant to fuse Albert back with Rookie. It was successful in fusing Eagles with Raven.)

Failed InventionsEdit

  • Paralyzer 3000 (Was stolen by the RPF)
  • Net Launcher 2000.0 (Was stolen by the RPF)
  • Iceberg Tipper 1000 (Caused the Iceberg to explode)
  • The Pants 3000 (Failed by exploding, and caused some very awkward injuries. )
  • Clone Maker 3000 (The invention itself worked perfectly, but it's considered a failure because of what happened afterward...)
  • The IDK 1000 (Even Gary himself wasn't sure what it was supposed to do)
  • Ski Lift 1000 (It went too fast for penguins)
  • Toaster 1000 (It launched toast at penguins)
  • Orange Juice 1000 (It blew up an igloo)
  • Cat-epult 1000 (Killed tens of innocent Cat Puffles during testing)
  • Literal Daytron 3000 (The device worked, but blew up, so it was literally irreversible)
  • The Four Hundred 400 (All the clones turned evil)
  • Test Subject 1000 (Refused to have tests done on it)
  • Ice Cream Trekker (It blew up the Ice Berg)
  • The Iceberg Bomb 3000 (Created in an attempt to remove Meg from the iceberg for testing. It somehow blew up the Dojo instead)
  • Invisible Thing Nobody Can Locate 1000 (Nobody could find where Gary placed it)

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