If you were looking for the chat bot Gizmo run by Techman129, his profile is here
You know, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eye sensors on.
— Gizmo talking to the PSA main computer

Age Ageless
Gender Masculine programming
Species TechLogger 3000
Position The PSA's official "Tech Logger"
Friends Everyone in the PSA
Enemies People who are not in the PSA
Favorites Flirting with technology, serving penguins, rock paper scissors
Related To No one
Romance Interest PSA Technology
Status Currently Operational
Alternate Form None (currently)
Portrayed By Stephen Merchant

The TechLogger 3000, better known as Gizmo is Charlie's robot, designed to help out around the PSA HQ and update the PSA's official archives.


Inspired by Gary, Charlie took an interest in technology and hoped to one day invent something. He got his wish when he found a servo motor in a junkyard. Then, using some PSA gadgets, he constructed and programed Gizmo. Gizmo was orignally very rude an ignorant and threatened to destory the PSA due to a virus, but Charlie used one of Gary's sofware fixes to prevent this from happening again (though he still retains quite an attitude at times). He currently resides in the Coffee Break Room, where his charging station sits. He spends most of his day recording everything that happens in the HQ and filling the PSA archives.


Gizmo is helpful and reliable most of the time, but he has a competitive side that can often get the best of him. He'll never hesitate to accept a challenge to one of his favorite games, "Rock, Paper, Scissors", and is incredibly stuck up about his apparent skill at playing it. While he is quite a sore loser when his opponent wins, he remains honest and never cheats.


  • "Oh dear, my system is out of order!"
  • "Can someone re-attach my head please?"
  • "At your service!"
  • "System malfunction."
  • "Something strange is going on here."


  • Gizmo is almost always seen with Charlie, unless being worked on by Techman, a trusted friend of Charlie's who programmed in his abilities to make transcript logs in the PSA HQ.
  • Gizmo has a surprisingly non-robotic voice.
  • On some occasisons, Gizmo has correctly predicted the future.
    • For example, he somehow knew that Charlie would end up with Kenzie.
  • Gizmo has had his head knocked off many times, but can still control it when it's detached.
  • He is the most advanced and capable robot in all of Club Penguin (except for maybe Smulley).
  • He is used as a chatbot in chat.
  • His most recent upgrade was designed by Techman with Charlie's permission.
  • Ever since Gizmo 4.5 came out, there's been a strange faint red glow coming from inside the belt buckle. No one has found out who or what is causing it.
    • Another thing about 4.5 that Techman added to Gizmo was the use of the two tiny lenses next to the dark purple eye. The blue eye is his thermal vision, and the green eye is his night vision.

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