Goldy Locks
Gold Racoon Puffle

Age 1 year
Gender Male
Species Golden Raccoon Puffle
Position Agent Puffle
Friends SkyDoesMinecraft, Paige
Enemies Sasquatch
Favorites Playing Minecraft
Related To Racoon Puffles
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?
— Goldy Locks

Goldy Locks is an elite puffle that works for the EPF. He usually helps agents go underground, and often watches the wild.


Goldy Locks was born unexpectedly. His mother was a Pink Raccoon Puffle, and his dad was a Blue Raccoon Puffle. What caused Goldy Locks to be gold was when his parents were eating some buttery toast PH gave them before Goldy Locks was born, the butter got mixed in with the egg. The egg was a normal egg, however.

PH was amazed when she saw Goldy Locks, and she asked her parents if he could become an agent, and they said yes.

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