Squeak! (You need two things when fighting crime: 1)Awesomeness 2) A smile)
— HPink

Age 3
Gender Female
Species Pink Puffle
Position N/A
Friends Locy, Lucy
Enemies N/A
Favorites Music
Related To N/A
Romance Interest N/A
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

HPink is Locy and Lucy's puffle.


Locy and Lucy were walking in the mine when they saw a picture of a pink puffle who needed help. They wasted no time, going deeper into the mine and finding that puffle. However, they needed to get to there by jumping on speeding carts, and falling crates. Lucy went first, and wasn't able to get past the carts. Locy went next, and had no trouble getting through the carts, but fell along with a crate. Then they decided to work together, and by doing that, they were able to rescue the puffle. The puffle loved music and was really happy, so they adopted her, and named her HPink.


She is like a combination of Locy and Lucy. She's optimistic and loves happiness, but she's also spunky and loves music.


  • When she is not with Locy, she is on Blisk with Lucy.
    • However once Lucy moved back to CP she is always with them.


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